Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

The best way to supply chain excellence.

When a business faces important decisions that affect its entire supply chain, it can be helpful to consult with industry-leading, innovative experts. Whether your next decision is as complex as optimizing your entire distribution network or as simple as securing freight cost savings, we help you evaluate your strategic and tactical alternatives and understand your cost to serve customers. We offer a comprehensive suite of Supply Chain Analytics solutions and unmatched expertise to guide you. Register here for an opportunity to receive a complimentary consultation with one of our supply chain analytics professionals. The insight you gain could be transformational.

We can give you a thorough, unbiased analysis of your production and supply chain data to help you validate where you’re doing well and uncover areas for improvement. Potentially, you’d want to conduct a supply chain optimization when you’re determining:

  • Site Selection
  • Production and Line Optimization
  • Sourcing and Distribution Alignment
  • Inventory Requirements
  • Least Landed Costs
SCA How we help

To develop and execute an effective supply chain strategy, you must first understand and see the current state of your business. Our team of Supply Chain consultants creates a model of your current supply chain using mixed-integer linear optimization tools to analyze your production and supply chain data. We can help you answer questions like:

  • How do we get orders to customers most efficiently?
  • In which facility do we make this product?
  • How many products should we make?
  • Where should we keep inventory?
  • From whom, and in what amounts, should we purchase raw materials?
  • Where should we put a new DC or manufacturing facility?
  • What if our demand rises 10%?
  • How many production lines do we need to meet customer demand?
SCA How we work

When our consultants conduct their in-depth analyses, they leverage our Extended LEAN® methodology of continuous improvement. We’ll help you remove non-value-added activities from your end-to-end supply chain to maximize the value your supply chain delivers to your end customer.Our team can deliver optimization project work as well as long-term continuous analytics. They’ll construct a network model for you and constantly refine it to keep productivity at top levels. If you have a team on site, we can work alongside them to provide evaluation and training services.

SCA The LEAN Difference

A transportation study from our Supply Chain Analytics consultants will help you:

  • Determine the least-cost shipping mode you should be using
  • Identify consolidation and deconsolidation opportunities
  • Visualize and understand your possible future state network

We can also perform street-level routing optimization to help you determine ideal routes for your local or metropolitan delivery network.

SCA Transportation Study

An in-depth network optimization examines your entire supply chain, from raw materials to end customer. Your company should consider a network optimization any time it experiences one or more of the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Growth or consolidation
  • Product or market expansion
  • Customer demand shift
  • Change in focus or management

After we’ve completed your network optimization, you’ll be able to examine any number of scenarios. You’ll also be able to better understand what costs drive the optimization and why.

We can include any number of data points in the optimization, including bill of materials, capacity and utilization, fixed and variable facility costs and transportation costs.

Many times the obvious costs may not be the true drivers when all of these factors are considered in the study.

A thorough evaluation of your strategic and tactical alternatives will help you understand your cost to serve customers.
What is Cost to Serve?

An air filter manufacturer reduces freight spend and improves delivery time through optimal origin analysis.