Small Parcel Package

Small Parcel Package

Compete in your market with an optimized supply chain strategy

Our team of parcel logistics experts has one focus: maximize the level of service your customers receive with the minimum level of required resources. With a diagnose first, prescribe later approach to designing best-in-class parcel logistics programs, we carefully examine where you are now and where you want to be.

Only when we understand that gap do we go to work using a suite of tools, technology and insight unmatched in the logistics industry to develop a parcel solution that improves your customer’s experience and drives profitability throughout your enterprise logistics.

Transportation Insight combines deep industry knowledge coupled with robust technology to provide shippers forward-thinking parcel solutions that include:

  • Parcel Engineering: Our customized engineering solution supports your business strategy and anticipates industry changes to provide a competitive advantage.
  • Parcel Audit: Our audit platform delivers on key compliance and financial goals as well as ongoing monitoring for a closed-loop solution.
  • Advanced Analytics: Our web-based portal provides actionable shipping data that aligns to and supports your supply chain operations and business objectives.

A Transportation Insight partnership with an omnichannel B2C and B2B retailer resulted in custom parcel shipping solutions for each business unit. By leveraging their global shipping volume and by streamlining operations, the company was able to reduce its annual parcel expenditure by $14.3 million and ultimately realize 13.1% in hard-dollar savings.