Small Package Parcel Audit

Small Package Parcel Audit

Not all parcel audits are created equal.

AICPA SOC Transportation InsightAs the only parcel auditing and logistics solutions provider that undergoes an annual SOC 1 Type II third-party compliance audit, we’ve got the auditing of complex parcel invoices down to a science. We check everything to make sure you’re getting the service you selected at your contracted price. A sampling…

  • Invoice Audits: rates, manifested not shipped, address corrections, residential adjustments, duplicate charges
  • Service Audits: guaranteed service, Saturday pickup and/or delivery, early AM, invalid pickup, lost and damaged packages
  • Compliance Audits: 3rd party compliance, improper account usage, inbound monitoring, routing compliance, declared value

Small Package Claims and Recovery

In the unfortunate event when something goes wrong with a shipment, we have a nose for getting to the root cause of why your packages arrive damaged or not at all. Our claims specialists collaborate with the carriers to take the recovery process all the way to package and/or fund reimbursement. Nobody else in our industry goes that far.

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One of the world’s leading providers of office products relies on Transportation Insight’s auditing capabilities to help keep parcel shipping costs down. Transportation Insight’s innovative invoice and service audits have saved them over $6 million in 10 years, and our compliance audits have helped them gain control over parcel shipping expenses by closing dormant carrier accounts, discovering fraudulent charges and identifying a voiding shipment problem that was costing them $500,000/year in overage charges.


Click here to download the 2020 Parcel Rate and Impact Analysis to understand how changes in rates, surcharges and accessorials will impact the small package shipping environment in 2020.


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Get a Compliance and Risk Assessment of your Current Auditing Practices

If you spend more than $2 million in parcel shipping each year, then you qualify for a review of how well your current audit solution mitigates risk.

Topics for discussion may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Line-by-line monitoring of each carrier invoice for rate and surcharge applicability
  • SOC 1 Type II certified audit for compliance and risk mitigation
  • Consolidated online view of all shipping expenses
  • Access to industry best practices from thousands of the world’s largest shippers