Parcel Engineering

Parcel Engineering

Insight. Options. Opportunities for success.

While the optimization of your parcel logistics program can be very complex behind the scenes, it boils down to a three-step proven process:

  • Solutions Assessment: We learn your current state and clearly identify your financial goals, your customer service needs and your logistics requirements.
  • Program Analysis and Design: We leverage our industry knowledge and proprietary technology to carefully analyze all aspects of your parcel program.
  • Implementation: Once design is complete, we help you manage RFPs and optimize your platform to best meet your customers’ needs.

The talented engineers and analysts that develop and implement our Parcel Solutions are always thinking of ways that your parcel program can operate at an even higher level. To bring you the solution that best fits your needs and most closely aligns you with the carrier network, our team:

  • Analyzes and interprets volumes of shipping data
  • Clarifies pricing, terms and conditions
  • Models network scenarios
  • Identifies areas of opportunity
  • Streamlines your procurement process

Once we collaborate with you to identify the top opportunities, we develop a roadmap, a clearly defined project plan and an implementation strategy that delivers results. We consider all options, including:

  • Carrier selection: global and regional
  • Competitive agreement optimization
  • Subsidized shipping modeling
  • Regional carrier analysis
  • Mode optimization – LTL vs. CWT
  • Pool distribution

Request a complimentary one-on-one with a parcel expert. Leverage your data and our industry expertise to take your parcel program to the next level. 

Transportation Insight was hired to optimize carrier agreements for a Fortune 500 B2B company which delivers more than 1.2 million products to 2 million customers worldwide via parcel. Using proprietary technology and expertise, Transportation Insight analyzed current contracts and services, provided scenario modeling and designed new agreements that ultimately saved the client $14 million/year.