Insight Fusion Analytics

Insight Fusion Analytics

Data Combined with Analysis Improves Decisions

Businesses generate massive amounts of data, but that data provides no value unless it is transformed into information that helps you take action to improve your company. You need a technology-enabled solution to manage and interpret this data. You need a tool to help determine the overall health of your business and prepare for future growth.

Insight Fusion can assimilate data from multiple sources and formats across the enterprise to deliver what you need, when and how you need it.

Identify business trends

Support your decision-making

Boost your Return on Investment

Build sustained competitive advantage

Fusion Login ComputerTransportation Insight’s Big Data solution empowers shippers with the ability to analyze transportation information across modes, understand cost-to-serve metrics and validate the decisions that improve customer service.

A business intelligence engine with best-in-class data visualization, Insight Fusion can assimilate data from across the supply chain to give you a new perspective on your transportation management strategy. With this on-demand, high-speed data access you can achieve a holistic enterprise view that allows you to: 

  1. Identify business trends
  2. Support your decision-making
  3. Understand impact of cost/service on profit and working capital
  4. Identify performance improvement opportunities

Insight Fusion helps you solve supply chain data management challenges. More than that, Insight Fusion also gives you a window into enterprise performance:

  • Presents massive amounts of data in a transparent, actionable and on-demand fashion
  • Provides accurate operational information on everything from inventories to transit times
  • Sharpens your understanding of production and supply chain variations
  • Impacts profitability through improved management of enterprise operating costs
  • Supports creation of sophisticated analytics that enable real-time proactive decision making

Insight Fusion’s interactive analytics engine gives you complete control of how you view your supply chain reporting and manage your data. Customize your reporting and metrics by adjusting any number of data parameters to:

  • Determine total cost to serve for every customer
  • Orchestrate time-critical supply chain activities
  • Adapt to changing customer demands
  • Understand service/mode utilization to determine opportunities for savings

Insight Fusion also empowers users to analyze transportation information across modes, and it collates data gleaned from North America’s diverse logistics marketplace to help you understand how your transportation strategy compares to alternatives for service and cost.

Insight Fusion’s document storage capabilities allow instant access to your stored shipping records, from point of purchase to final delivery, making it a trade compliance asset for international shippers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recognizes that Insight Fusion’s document storage capabilities, when utilized, reflect one measure of a shipper’s reasonable care to ensure all information provided to CBP and Partner Government Agencies is accurate and correct. Common documents required for trade compliance that can be stored in Insight Fusion include:

  • Bill of Entry
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading/Airway bill
  • Import License
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Purchase order/Letter of Credit
  • Technical write-up, literature
  • Industrial License
  • RCMC – Registration cum Membership Certificate
  • Central excise document
  • GATT/DGFT declaration

Insight Fusion is a critical resource for document storage, especially as CBP requires that importers, exporters, carriers and brokers keep their CBP records and entry documents for five years from date of entry or five years from the date of activity that required maintenance of the records.

Insight Fusion scales to meet your business needs. More than a business intelligence tool, with the ability to provide detailed and summary-level reporting, data visualization, interactive mapping and document storage in one platform, Insight Fusion is an information management asset that reduces the need for IT involvement in reporting and analytics by putting BI in the hands of business users, including:

  • Executive leadership
  • Finance and Accounts Payable
  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain and Logistics

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Insight Fusion compiles all your transportation data – including TL, LTL and parcel – in one sophisticated, easy-to-use application. For better decision-making, transportation cost management and improved customer service.

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