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Enterprises generate massive amounts of data, but that data provides no value unless it is transformed into analytical data that helps you take action to improve your company. You need a toolkit to manage and interpret this data to help you determine the overall health of your business and prepare for future growth.

Built from the ground up by our team of data scientists, Insight Fusion® can assimilate data from multiple sources and formats across the enterprise to deliver what you need, when and how you need it.

A cloud-based business intelligence engine with a clean interface that’s easily viewable on almost any device, Insight Fusion can assimilate data from the supply chain, the production line and even contextual data sources like lane-specific traffic data, carrier safety records and weather and climate data to give you a new perspective of your supply chain. With this total enterprise view, you can:

Identify business trends

Support your decision-making

Boost your Return on Investment

Build sustained competitive advantage

Insight Fusion delivers the on-demand, high-speed data access you need to turn your company into an adaptive and predictive information powerhouse. The tool is a component of our comprehensive service offering that helps your company:

  • Improve business processes
  • Reduce logistics-related costs
  • Increase long-term enterprise value

Insight Fusion helps you solve supply chain data management challenges. But more than that, Fusion gives you a window into enterprise performance because it:

  • Presents massive amounts of data in a more transparent, usable and available fashion
  • Provides accurate and instant operational information on everything from inventories to transit times
  • Sharpens your understand of production and supply chain variations to raise enterprise performance
  • Impacts your profitability through reduction of enterprise operating costs
  • Supports creation of sophisticated analytics that enable real-time, proactive decision-making
Insight Fusion: Big Data

Insight Fusion’s interactive analytics engine gives you complete control of how you view your supply chain reporting and manage your data. Customize your reporting and metrics by adjusting any number of data parameters to:

  • Determine total cost to serve for every customer
  • Orchestrate time-critical supply chain activities
  • Adapt to changing customer demands
Insight Fusion: Interact

Insight Fusion scales to meet your business needs. It’s more than a business intelligence tool – it’s an information powerhouse that can be leveraged by any number of departments across your organization, including:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Finance and Account Payable
  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
Insight Fusion: Control

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Fusing Big Data and the Supply Chain: The Future is NOW

True to our Co-managed Logistics® business model, we give you the ability to control who in your organization sees what data. Request a demonstration of this cutting-edge tool that can transform how you see your business intelligence.