Multi-Modal Logistics Management

Multi-Modal Logistics Management

Giving you the best choices across all modes, while you keep control.

The most important element of your logistics operations is continuous flow. Transportation Insight’s multi-modal logistics solutions give you the level of control that you think is optimal for your business. Whether it’s a Truckload headed to a distribution center, a Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shipment going to a retail store or a Small Parcel e-commerce order destined for a residential customer’s front door, we help you manage them all. What’s more, our flexible Co-managed Logistics® approach gives you to the tools and resources you need to:


Reduce overall logistics costs

Increase efficiency by employing technology

Improve visibility to your entire supply chain

Expand your strategic toolkit and logistics expertise


Your logistics operations impact the flow of your business. Accounting, production, labor planning and inventory are just a few examples. Because logistics is handled differently from company to company we take a co-managed approach. This gives you as much or as little control of your operations as you need.

Flexibility is the core of what makes Co-managed Logistics® different. With a friendly, adaptable approach we give you the best supply chain choices, while you maintain control. A traditional third-party logistics (3PL) model may limit your shipping decisions, often underutilizing your industry expertise and carrier relationships. With the co-managed approach, your logistics team handles the day-to-day shipment execution with the tools and technology we provide. We give you full supply chain support, providing access to the best carriers, service, technology, processes and analytics. We pair the best of what you do with the best supply chain resources in the industry. We co-manage alongside you with speed, accuracy and expertise. With our co-managed, continuous improvement platform, your company optimizes logistics performance, manages cost and keeps control.

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Many companies today tell us they are focusing on their freight cost as a percentage of sales. Our method of helping you effectively manage your logistics-related costs is rooted in our company’s long history in the transportation industry.

  • Knowledge. We know logistics. We understand cost drivers, recognize trends and know how to review your logistics patterns to recommend solutions that will optimize your transportation spending. These solutions can include modal optimization, improved routing compliance, enhanced visibility and superior analytics.
  • Experience. We have negotiated thousands of transportation agreements between carriers and clients. Our expertise is vast across all modes of transportation.
  • Relationships. We are fortunate to have strong, long-term relationships with the best carriers in the industry. These carriers know we strive to pair them with shippers that best fit their core strengths and competencies. This union promotes a successful relationship.
  • Consistency. Carriers feel comfortable working with us and our clients because we do our best to bring them consistent business backed by our $3.9 billion in freight spend under management.

While transportation costs fluctuate and the price of raw materials continues to rise, companies are looking for ways to save money and increase profits. Partnering with Transportation Insight allows you to effectively control logistics costs and keep more money on your bottom line. We measure our success by making you more profitable.

Many 3PLs limit the control you have within your logistics operations. When you partner with Transportation Insight, you gain greater supply chain control with our tactical and strategic tools. In addition to helping you manage freight costs, we enable you to streamline processes and improve productivity. Our comprehensive supply chain analytics give you the tools to address complex business decisions with reliable, actionable reporting across all business locations.

Logistics Control

Having the best selection of carriers has a direct impact on your P & L and customer service. Our clients are able to select carriers based on least-cost, best service, proven dependability and professional preference. You benefit from our preferred 3PL status as we drive a large pool of qualified carriers to the RFQ table. When it comes to selecting between new and incumbent carriers, the choice is up to you. We provide you access and expert recommendations while you make the decision that is best for your business.

To find out more about our RFQ process, contact us.

Logistics Carrier Choices

Would having clear and accurate data make it easier for you to commit to making logistics improvements? By conducting a detailed analysis of 4-8 weeks of your freight invoices, we can develop a profile of what you’re spending on shipping. Once those numbers are fully analyzed, our logistics experts give you an accurate, detailed estimate of how you could potentially realize efficiencies in your logistics program.

Speak with one of our logistics experts to learn how the road to logistics-related cost control starts with deep data analysis.

Logistics Freight Study

Contracts can be deal breakers. As one of the top 10 3PLs in North America, we understand the importance of contract protection and the issues of risk and liability. Our carrier management teams make sure a master contract is in place with every carrier. This contract protects you against loss, damage and liability. Transparency, fairness and simplicity are what make our contracts unique. Our contracts are straightforward, so that rates, classes, rules and fuel charges are completely transparent to you and the carrier. All parties always know where they stand contractually and business is able to flow smoothly.

Contact us to find out how our Contract Administration solutions can help.

Is your company having problems with claims involving overages, shortages or damages? Does your company have the time and resources to follow up on refunds or are you leaving money on the table? Transportation Insight eliminates the headaches associated with claims and saves you time by chasing down payments and providing reports. We track and process your claims to determine root causes and recommend corrective action with your carriers.

Discover how we can eliminate your burdensome claims tasks by contacting a claims expert.

Logistics Claims Relief

Click here to learn how Insight Fusion, a multi-modal data analytics and reporting platform, can power your decision making in today’s dynamic market.

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