Freight Bill Accuracy

Freight Bill Accuracy

Put your trust in a gold standard.

Eliminating all overages and ensuring complete billing accuracy is the core of our freight bill auditing services. Partnering with us ensures you are paying contracted rates and saving time. Our clients have hundreds—and even thousands—of freight bills each month that go through our keying process error free. Clients avoid spending countless hours handling and auditing their freight bills. All your logistics data is stored in a data warehouse, providing you access to information and intelligence that allows you to make decisions to continually improve your operations. Our clients consider our bill processing professionals an extension of their own accounting teams. Learn more below or visit our parcel solutions page for parcel/small package-specific needs.

Think of all the freight bills your company pays in any given week. Imagine being able to receive one consolidated freight bill per week instead of dozens or hundreds. Our simplified billing process makes that possible. Replace the time it takes you today to pay every freight bill with the time it takes to pay one. Our clients save time and money.

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Our simplified billing process includes our ability to GL Code invoices so that you will have better service and faster resolution of problems. You tell us your business rules and we provide you the GL Coding you want.

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Our carrier payment process goes hand in hand with our simplified billing method. We send you one consolidated freight bill per week. We handle carrier invoices and pay the carriers for you within two business days of receiving your funds. The money is never floated or held to gain interest. We base our reputation on paying your carriers as quickly as possible so that you receive superior service. Carriers are able to come to us when they want payment status or any information regarding check dates, amount and status of invoices. We maximize convenience and minimize your weekly bills.

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Spending time chasing down refunds is a headache for most companies. We make sure you get the refunds you deserve based on the agreements you have in place. You can get back every refund owed to you without involving your accounting department. The process is simple—we collect the refunds from the carriers and deduct the same amount from your next bill.

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Our accruals process allows you to close your books earlier rather than waiting on carrier invoices. We make sure that everything you have shipped and everything you have paid for matches up at the end of the month. This is possible by identifying outstanding shipments through consistent BOL formats across client locations and proper keying of multi-stop truckload shipments.

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Transportation Insight … worked with us to simplify and automate our accounting processes, resulting in less wasted effort and improved profit margins.

– Chief Financial Officer, Industrial Parts Manufacturer