Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Monitor. Measure. Improve. Repeat.

If you’re willing to invest in next-generation business intelligence, our Advanced Analytics can deliver the ultimate in parcel data visibility. As the powerful data visualization foundation of large-volume parcel logistics programs, Advanced Analytics enables you to see the results generated through your parcel engagement with us. You’ll be able to:

  • Set and analyze customer service goals through average time in transit data.
  • Monitor expenses by reviewing financial data with period comparison dashboards.
  • Analyze trends and expense drivers like: fuel, accessorials, zones and weight classes.
  • Review operational efficiency by comparing costs and productivity DC to DC.
  • Get line-of-sight into your carrier services by reviewing on-time performance metrics, spend trends, cost per package averages and air/ground utilization details.
  • Manage vendor compliance to reduce fraud.

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Transportation Insight partnered with a Fortune 50 company that operates a vast network of U.S. brick and mortar and online storefronts. Despite being an all-intensive parcel shipper, the company had never engineered a parcel shipping program to drive down costs – and improve business unit service levels. By engineering a new parcel shipping solution and implementing analytical and auditing tools, Transportation Insight helped create a 14% reduction in parcel shipping expenses. But more importantly, the client was able to gain unprecedented visibility and improve accrual and budgeting processes for transportation.

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