Forrester Total Economic Impact: Managed Transportation Solution Can Deliver 251% ROI


Managed Transportation

A commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting determined Transportation Insight’s Managed Transportation solution can deliver a 251% return-on-investment over a three-year period.

Download the full TEI study and learn more about the value of Transportation Insight’s technology capabilities, transportation and personnel cost savings, enhanced visibility to freight costs and improved on-time delivery.

Read the study to learn more about how we help clients:

  • Deploy technology resources that improve transportation planning and execution
  • Improve visibility to transportation activity and costs
  • Fulfill unique shipping requirements, control costs and protect experience to end customers
  • Meet capacity needs and comply with special handling instructions

Get Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact study of Transportation Insight’s Managed Transportation solution, and see how we help our customer achieve freight cost savings over $1.4 million with average annual LTL savings and cost mitigation of more than 10% of the customer’s annual LTL budget.

To learn more about how our Managed Transportation solution brought our client a $1.6 million value, watch this video.


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