How To Optimize Transportation Costs? Reduce Logistics-related Costs

How To Optimize Transportation Costs? Reduce Logistics-related Costs

Lower costs and automate processes to increase velocity to cash.

Your supply chain has a financial impact on each area of your company, and your supply chain is unique to your company.

More and more companies are looking to more tightly manage logistics-related costs. Getting the most out of your freight dollars is a function of understanding how products move through your supply chain from order to cash. By understanding the entire process, we can design a customized solution that may include any or all of the following methods:

  • Mode Optimization: This method looks at your current mode strategy to determine if shifting to different mode utilization could reduce costs.
  • Route Optimization: Whether it’s LTL, Multi-stop Truckload or Parcel, determining the routes through which you distribute your products can be an area of cost reduction.
  • Carrier Optimization: By looking at many of the top carriers in the industry available to you, you can determine your shipments based on cost, lead times, service levels and business requirements.

By understanding your products, customers, routes, lanes and carriers, we could uncover the potential to aggregate multiple shipments into one single shipment that could save thousands of dollars each week. Or perhaps we may find an opportunity to reduce costs by restructuring distribution routes.

Regardless of the challenges you face, our goal is to completely understand your supply chain to identify potential opportunities and develop a robust solution that helps you reduce costs and provides long-term value.

An effective vendor routing compliance program is a key way to control transportation costs.