Culture as Defined by our Founder

Innovative Excellence. Continuous Improvement. Giving Back.

The heart of our success is our people.Paul Thompson Transportation Insight

When we hire people, we look for four characteristics, while most companies only look for three:

  • Competence. We want a high intellect, and particularly in jobs that need experience and skill, someone with all the proficiency possible.
  • Confidence. Someone can be the smartest person in the world, but if they lack confidence, they won’t project themselves well and they won’t be as effective in their work. By hiring people who are confident and competent, we maintain an organization where everyone is a good communicator and has high intellect. We don’t have a single employee that we wouldn’t put in front of a customer.
  • Passion. We look for people who like to be on a winning team and have fun. At Transportation Insight we fist bump, we high five—we have a very energetic staff and work environment. We promote that by sponsoring a lot of contests and activities (e.g., March Madness contests, football in the fall) to engage people who have a competitive nature.
  • Humility. This is the secret sauce. A lot of people who have the above three characteristics tend to be fairly successful—and can be arrogant. People with humility know they don’t know everything and constantly have a quest for knowledge.

In our culture, we say a manager’s job is to serve his employees, not the employee’s job to serve the manager. So when our customers have an issue at 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon, not only is someone going to answer the phone, they’re also going to try to solve the problem and exceed the customer’s expectations.

The biggest challenge in any business is to assemble a team of like-minded people with the same value system and cultural DNA and to scale that over time as the company grows. Our client revenue retention rate, year over year, is near 100 percent. This is predominantly because of our people. Our customers appreciate us because they know we have their backs, we serve them and we try to make things better every day.

We walk the talk.

That’s not about me—that’s about people rallying around a common cause. And that’s one thing that I believe distinguishes Transportation Insight.

Paul Thompson
Founder and Chairman

Mission: To create competitive advantage for our clients through innovative and efficient supply chain solutions.

Vision: To enable each of our clients to dominate its market by achieving and sustaining excellence in supply chain management.

Mission Vision

Transportation Insight embraces LEAN practices and continuous improvement for both our clients and for our enterprise. We focus on process improvement with long-term strategies to make your company—and ours—better, more efficient organizations. We are dedicated to simplifying procedures, increasing operational excellence and enhancing our client focus through value stream mapping and other LEAN methodologies. We offer continuous improvement courses internally to our associates and encourage them to bring ideas of “new and better” to the table. We believe the more we improve, the better we can serve our clients. Whether your partnership with us marks the beginning of your continuous improvement journey or sets the stage for your continued growth, we are committed to your success.

Transportation Insight devotes both financial and personal resources to organizations that focus on improving the lives of others physically and spiritually. Being involved with multiple non-profit organizations such as Samaritan’s Feet, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Ten Thousand Homes keeps us grounded and focused on what is most important—serving others.

Service: Samaritan's Feet
Service: TenThousand Homes

Built to SERVE. Built to GIVE. Built to LAST.

In a complex business world, trusted partners foster a sense of stability and peace of mind.

Likewise, the places families call home are built on a foundation of support, safety and a sense of pride that encourages communities to thrive.

With our Built to Last Referral Program, Transportation Insight offers our valued clients an opportunity to join us in the effort to build or improve houses with the goal of strengthening where we call home.

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