Webinar Registration: Uncover Indirect Spend, Reclaim Lost Profit.

AUGUST 27, 2019

2:00-3:00 P.M. EDT


Is Half Your Budget Hiding?

Indirect spend can consume up to 40% of the expense budget for a business focused on fulfilling customer demand and delivering a five-star experience. Defining those costs as overhead can be a challenge, but identifying and controlling them can produce double-digit savings. Targeted spend analysis delivers enhanced cost visibility to drive strategic supply base consolidation, while increasing opportunities to leverage marketplace trends and improve supplier performance.

Join Gene Smith, Director of Sourcing Solutions, who will provide actionable takeaways that can return up to 25% of your expense back to your bottom line by:

• Identifying and categorizing spend to establish priorities
• Leveraging spend to negotiate multi-year vendor contracts
• Understanding total cost of ownership versus the product piece price
• Realizing savings through the power of a Group Purchasing Organization
• Implementing spend visibility tools to track compliance, measure savings and reign in maverick spend

About Gene Smith, Transportation Insight Director of Sourcing Solutions

Gene Smith has more than 30 years of experience as a packaging professional, specializing in operations, spend analysis, benchmarking, implementation and supplier management, along with specific expertise in commodity price trends, RFP development and contract management. A graduate of Clemson University, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Financial Management.

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