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7 FAQs Answered with Supply Chain Visibility

Organizations that invested in supply chain mapping are more successfully managing COVID-19 disruption thanks to greater awareness of their demand response networks. Based on multiple layers of information, supply chain mapping and contingency planning grants real-time access for businesses facing disruption.

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Improve Visibility and Planning

The Relativity of the Supply Web

In Albert Einstein’s famous equation “E=mc2,” both energy and mass are replaceable with one another. But the constant measurement of time cannot be changed.What he essentially confirmed for generations beyond him is the inherent value of time. We cannot slow down time, nor can we control the passing of time. We can change how we react in the present, and use lessons learned to affect chain reactions as they happen in time.

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Engineering and Analyzing the Supply Web

No matter how you manage it, transformation always comes with costs. When moving from a single, lowest-cost supply chain source to a supply web of primary and alternate sources supporting multiple options to satisfy customer demand, your company will experience new cost challenges from across the developing network.

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Building Lasting Data Partnerships in the Supply Web

The term supply chain dates back to only 1982. In an interview with Financial Times, British logistician Keith Oliver introduced the ideas of “supply chain” and “supply chain management,” identifying them as: “the process or planning, implementing, and controlling of the supply chain with the purpose to satisfy customer requirements as efficiently as possible.”

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How E-Commerce is Driving the Supply Web Evolution

We are living in a rare and significant time in human history. Anyone alive in 2020 will always remember COVID-19. When we speak of these days, we will remember the uncertainty, the “Stay at Home” orders, our cohorts in isolation, and what we lost as a result.

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Blockchain in Supply Chain: Can You Trust Your Data Sharing Partners?

Supply chain strategies after the COVID-19 disruption will likely be significantly different for many organizations. Those new strategies, like the old, will be built on data, but it, too, will be quite a bit different. Information that drove network design decisions may no longer apply and any crisis responses deployed today may no longer be valid next month.

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Data Analysis: What is Your Data Trying to Tell You?

The drive for visibility across the supply chain is based on the assumption of accurate data at every step. However, as the flood of data collected in the supply chain grows, it’s becoming more difficult to manage and analyze it for strategic insights. Any inaccuracies could lead to conclusions that result in misguided strategic and tactical decisions.

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