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Extended LEAN

Lean Supply Chain Perspective Required for New Normal

The global pandemic and the disruption of foreign production is driving many manufacturing organizations to explore re-shoring of raw material sourcing, product components and finished goods. In our conversations, we are finding that C-Suite leaders are spending as much as half their time focused on solving issues in their network. Bringing production closer to the manufacturing base improves geographical access and mitigates the risks associated with an overseas failure.

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cash to cash

Use Logistics to Compress Cash-to-Cash Cycles

If you want to see CEOs and CFOs sit up and take notice during one of our presentations, demonstrate how a robust logistics solution compresses cash-to-cash cycles by expediting product to the end consumer and shrinking their days sales outstanding (DSO). That’s language the C-suite understands.

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cost reduction

Budget Planning 2021: 9 Supply Chain Things to Know

The effects of COVID-19 on North American business are creating supply chain challenges into the second half of 2020. Organizations’ ability to respond to these challenges will determine strategies required in 2021 to maintain profitable performance. Although some businesses relying on high contact and large crowds will succumb to bankruptcy, others have an opportunity to capitalize on new growth opportunities.

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Business insight

7 FAQs Answered with Supply Chain Visibility

Organizations that invested in supply chain mapping are more successfully managing COVID-19 disruption thanks to greater awareness of their demand response networks. Based on multiple layers of information, supply chain mapping and contingency planning grants real-time access for businesses facing disruption.

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