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Forecasts for Parcel, LTL and truckload transportation rates and disruptions.
Transportation Rates

Transportation Rates Forecast: Q4 2021

Make sure you understand how North American transportation rates affect your business performance in 2021. Our transportation management experts share their forecasts, industry analysis and actionable guidance to support your strategy for Parcel, LTL, Truckload and International transportation.

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Truckload rates are continuing to increase in Q2 2021
Truckload Rates

Truckload Rates Pressured by Fuel, Capacity, Wages

Expect elevated truckload shipping costs to continue through the second quarter of 2021. Fuel prices, capacity demands and carrier operating costs all add pressure on truckload shipping costs into the busy summer season for fresh produce and highway travel.

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Industry News and Trends

Ocean Transportation Woes Ripple Freight Supply Chains

The late night talk shows had a field day when one of the world’s largest shipping vessels clogged the Suez Canal.

A lot of people joked about it. I did not laugh … not once.

Knowing the larger supply chain ramifications of the Ever Given’s calamity, I cannot ignore the serious side effects of this disruption to ocean transportation.

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LTL Freight Shipping Faces Pressure on Capacity and Rates

Pendulum swings in less-than-truckload transportation are fairly common.

When freight volumes are low and carrier capacity is high – as we experienced in 2020 – there is opportunity to seize gains in cost and service. As volumes spike and fill available capacity, LTL freight shipping rates swing up and service tends to dip.

In 40 years in this business, I have never experienced a pendulum swing like this.

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Industry News and Trends

Transportation Costs in 2021: Less-Than-Truckload

Consumer demand shifts that accelerated during 2020 will have ongoing effects across the transportation marketplace, including continued capacity constraints in the less-than-truckload (LTL) market. Expect 2021 rate increases to reflect these pressures.

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Industry News and Trends

Freight Rates: 2021 Truckload Outlook

The unpredictability that characterized most of 2020 continues to make itself felt in many areas of business, including the truckload market. Spot rates are plateauing, but at a rate that’s about 30 percent higher than a year ago. Similarly, rates for flat bed shipments are up about 10 percent compared to a year ago, while rates for refrigerated truckloads have increased 20 percent during the same period.

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