Indirect Spend & Packaging

Drive profit savings by improving packaging and reducing indirect spend.

Shipping in today’s world requires you to manage multiple metrics.

Parcel and less-than-load (LTL) carriers are moving to dimensional weight pricing, charging you based on how much volume your freight takes up.

Because e-commerce is growing as a preferred channel for businesses and consumers, now is the time to reconsider your entire secondary packaging program and indirect spending to ensure you are getting the most from your packaging and transportation budgets.

Why consider packaging and indirect spending today?

A shift today can result in better savings and more sales from happy customers tomorrow. 

Customer Experience

Your packaging is more than a box.

Getting the right mix of packaging and presentation makes an incredible first impression. Transportation Insight can help you design a packaging program that focuses on driving costs down and inspiring confidence in your ability to deliver.

Strategic Sourcing

Purchasing packaging materials like boxes and poly film cuts into your bottom line.

Through our strategic sourcing partners, you can reduce indirect spend on materials by up to 25%. The result is actualized savings that goes back into your bottom line.

Lower shipping costs and rates

Shipping the wrong-sized boxes is a profit-killer.

It adds unnecessary charges with every outbound parcel. Our experts can help you optimize box sizes and packaging characteristics to maximize size and weight, creating alignment with carrier pricing models.

Claims Reduction

With innovative ideas and industry best practices, we help you reduce damage claims from packaging failures by sourcing the best possible products to meet your specific needs.

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