Secondary Packaging

Secondary Packaging

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With the move by parcel and LTL carriers to dimensional weight pricing, along with the continued exponential growth of e-commerce as a preferred channel for businesses and consumers, it may be a good time for a thorough review of your secondary packaging program to ensure you are maximizing the effective use of your packaging and transportation budgets.

If you’re wondering why we’re making such a big deal out of packaging, this infographic reveals how important the brown box has become.

But there’s more to it than saving money, and your packaging is more than a box. Packaging can help you make a great first impression on a customer if your products arrive in pristine condition. Conversely, if the packaging doesn’t protect your products adequately, it may leave customers feeling less confident about your brand’s ability to deliver. Transportation Insight’s packaging experts understand the potential impacts that secondary packaging can have on your bottom line. Read this article to learn more.

While you’re probably spending a significant dollar amount on boxes, you likely also use other protective materials, such as poly film, to make sure your products arrive safely. Or, if you’re an e-commerce shipper, you may be exploring a shift from small boxes to poly bags. Our strategic sourcing of all of these materials can help you save up to 25% on your overall packaging costs – potentially a large dollar amount. Read this case study to learn how we helped a furniture manufacturer reduce their existing program costs by 20%.

We do know packaging, but we also know that you know your business better than anyone else.

Our partners bring years of experience in packaging design to the table. With our assistance and innovative ideas, we can help you reduce damage claims caused by packaging failures. As part of our co-managed continuous improvement mindset, we collaborate with you and our supplier partners to deliver the best possible products to meet your specific needs. It’s always your decision.

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