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How LEAN solutions can drive continued success for your team

In logistics, growing business is all about finding continued success. LEAN focuses on continuous improvement through waste elimination and operational efficiency. If your team is experiencing difficulty getting to the next level, it may be time to consider a new approach.

Transportation Insight’s Extended LEAN® methodology pairs traditional LEAN principles with our deep knowledge of logistics and a best-in-class technology suite. Together, we help you streamline processes and optimize your supply chain.

let us help you optimize your logistics.

Continuous Improvement

Successful companies get the most out of every business process to drive profits.

We’ll fill your toolbox with a full spectrum of customizable solutions to help drive growth. Our process includes a LEAN assessment, value stream processing and Kaizen events, as well as LEAN training and certification.

Supply Chain Management

With our state-of-the-art technology and logistics engineering expertise, we help you drive non-value added activities out of your supply chain.

Using our Extended LEAN approach, we can identify opportunities to remove non-value activities and improve network design and routing efficiency to reduce vehicle miles and increase capacity utilization.

Cultural Enhancement

Our LEAN coaches help your team members grow into their full potential.

Healthy companies have a strong sense of community, and true transformation happens one person at a time.

Strategic Execution

Excellence requires disciplined execution and a foundation of trust.

We can help you learn how to combine your company’s cultural strengths and business sense to successfully deliver goals on time.

Ensure precision

and streamline your business operations.

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