LEAN Solutions

LEAN Solutions

Helping our clients through continuous improvement.

Is continuous improvement a corporate initiative for your company?
Should it be?

We design customized enterprise-wide LEAN solutions to help you get through turbulent economic times while improving operational performance, execution strategies and corporate culture.

Beyond manufacturing process improvements, how can LEAN best practices boost your overall performance? With our Extended LEAN® approach, we combine LEAN principles with our logistics know-how and state-of-the-art technology to help you eliminate wastes, reduce costs and streamline processes across your extended supply chain. Register here for the opportunity to receive a complimentary extended value stream assessment from our team of continuous improvement professionals.

Our team of LEAN professionals has the experience and passion to help you initiate and maintain a culture of continuous improvement, in addition to improving your bottom line.

Successful companies get the most out of every business process to drive profits. We’ll fill your toolbox with the full spectrum of our customizable solutions.

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Extended LEAN

With our state-of-the-art technology and logistics engineering expertise, we help you drive non-value added activities out of your supply chain.

Watch a webinar on Extended LEAN®.

Healthy companies have a strong sense of community, and true transformation happens one person at a time. Our coaches help your team members grow into their full potential. Find out how LEAN principles can impact your organization by emailing us at .

Excellence requires disciplined execution and a foundation of trust. We can help you learn how to combine your company’s cultural strengths and business sense to successfully deliver goals on time. Email questions about Strategic Execution to our LEAN experts at .

LEAN: Winning Strategies for Cutting Waste

Extended LEAN has absolutely helped us improve every facet of our business.

– Carson Copeland, Chief Operations Officer, Valdese Weavers, Inc.