Your Supply Web. Mastered.



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Your Supply Web. Mastered.

Our latest workbook, Evolution of the Supply Web, gives you the tools and insight you need to start transforming to a supply web. From thinking about the challenges e-commerce brings, to understanding what analytics will guide future direction, this resource will put you on the path to mastering your supply network.

Learn How to Evolve Your Network Map

The supply chain is changing and evolving. The old way of doing logistics is coming to an end. Companies can no longer rely on the cheapest single component source shipping into a warehouse, only to be forwarded to a retail outlet or customer location. Changing customer expectations, the ease and wide availability of e-commerce, and demand to ship faster and with more reliability is changing how we do business.

A supply chain moves in one direction: from the source, to the distribution center, and then out to a retailer or end consumer via e-commerce. While effective, this model can create a lot of waste in the form of packaging and time-in-transit, as well as skyrocketing costs. A supply web creates valuable inbound sourcing redundancies from multiple suppliers, while identifying opportunities to serve end consumers faster and at a lower cost.

Is your company ready to make the change to a supply web? Here’s what you will learn:

  • The Value of Supply Chain Mapping
  • Why Checks and Balances are Critical
  • Using Data to Help Partners Grow
  • Why Continued Engineering and Analysis Matters

Download the workbook to learn how to untangle the supply chain web and evolve your network map.

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