Transportation Audit Best Practices for Spend Savings


Now may be the best time to conduct a transportation audit of all your logistics activities.

Markets are changing almost daily, and savings are frequently available in spite of volatility in truckload, less-than-load and parcel transportation.

Transportation Insight’s audit solutions provide a comprehensive evaluation of a shipper’s transportation program to improve performance and capture savings. Combined, Transportation Insight customers use our audit solutions to reduce transportation costs by more than $250 million in a typical year.

This paper identifies audit best practices that drive cost savings of 10% to 20%. Use this analysis to understand what transportation audits are, how they work, and the results they deliver.

While there are several methods, procedures and focus areas that a third-party logistics (3PL) provider targets to help a client improve supply chain efficiency, audits are a foundational tool. When a 3PL performs an audit, the solutions provider is using information gathered across a transportation network to:

  1. Examine your end-to-end supply chain
  2. Determine weak points
  3. Apply analysis
  4. Implement remedies

By conducting a freight audit study, a 3PL can estimate which level of transportation partnership will be the most effective, provide the best return on investment and complement your in-house team.

Download the white paper now to learn the key questions an audit will address across your transportation management.


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Transportation Audit White Paper

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