Technology in Logistics and Supply Chain Creates More Time to Serve


The Challenge

A nonprofit clearinghouse for corporate product donations wanted to use technology in logistics and supply chain operations to increase efficiencies, remove waste and create value for the organization. Employees faced several challenges that the nonprofit needed to overcome to achieve its goals including:

  • Cumbersome manual processes for carrier selection, contract management, shipment execution and tracking and invoice audit and payment
  • Stringent pickup requirements implemented by large retail donors

Volatile operational costs led the organization’s leadership to seek out a logistics partner to implement a comprehensive technology solution.

The Solution

Transportation Insight’s expert analysis of the organization’s processes revealed that the nonprofit could benefit significantly by using hybrid-digital technology in logistics and supply chain operations. A rapid implementation of Insight TMS, a class-leading transportation management system platform, replaced the organization’s manual processes with an easy-to-use solution. Using Insight TMS logistics technology functionality including load optimization, shipment documentation management and tracking and invoice reconciliation, the organization was able to achieve more streamlined processes, better data visibility and reduced operating costs in its inbound transportation program. Further analysis of the network also revealed opportunities for improved warehouse network design.

Transportation Insight helped the organization implement local cross-dock operations to comply with large retail donors’ pickup requirements. This reduced the higher transportation costs associated with the donor’s requirements and enhanced pickup flexibility. Without this flexibility, the nonprofit faced losing contributions from its large retail donors.

The Results

The client’s technology in logistics and supply chain operations enhanced its transportation processes through load optimization, improved warehouse and cross-dock placement and greater visibility to carrier invoices. Insight TMS now handles time-consuming manual processes for documenting and tracking shipments, freeing up employees’ time to focus on philanthropic initiatives.

Using cross-docks gave the client flexibility to provide pickups that meet donor requirements and encourage further donations.

Transportation Insight also helped the client attain U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transport Partnership certification, consistent with the nonprofit’s mission for environmental “win-win” outcomes.

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A non-profit clearinghouse for corporate product donations sought to reduce out-of-pocket transportation costs and administrative burden.

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Technology-based transportation management solution to streamline processes, increase data visibility and reduce operating costs.


The customer improved transportation processes, increased employee productivity, added flexibility to meet donor transportation requirements and earned U.S. EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership certification.


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