TMS Logistics Technology: What Should You Really Expect?


Many companies think a Transportation Management System (TMS) will be a cure-all to some existing challenges; however, there are considerations beyond just a TMS, including processes, utilization and support. Will a TMS solve logistics challenges unique to your business?

Join our freight management experts Aaron Arivett and Jason Green as they share deep TMS experience that will help you determine how logistics technology fits into your transportation strategy. 

  • Which TMS is right for your business?  
  • When is the right time to implement a TMS?  
  • Why does your logistics team say it can’t live without a TMS?  
  • How can you get maximum value from your TMS investment? 

Speed and automation in transportation management are important to modern business success. Whether you are considering a TMS or looking for ways to optimize the return on your current TMS investment, do not miss this opportunity! 

Reserve your seat now. 


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March 2, 2021, 11:00 a.m. ET

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