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Learn about Opportunities to Recover Costs and Optimize Your Parcel Program

Our Insight Parcel® team leverages proprietary technology and decades of insider-level expertise to deliver solutions designed to not only identify errors, but also prevent them from repeating. Steps in our evaluation process include:

  • Line-by-line assessment of each carrier invoice for rate and surcharge applicability
  • SOC 1 Type II third-party certified audit for compliance and risk mitigation
  • Comprehensive online view of all shipping expense detail
  • Access to industry best practices from thousands of the world’s largest shippers

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Our Parcel Audit solutions focus on annual parcel spending of $1 million or more.

One of the world’s leading providers of office products relies on Transportation Insight’s auditing capabilities to help keep parcel shipping costs down. Transportation Insight’s innovative invoice and service audits have saved them over $6 million in 10 years, and our compliance audits have helped them gain control over parcel shipping expenses by closing dormant carrier accounts, discovering fraudulent charges and identifying a voiding shipment problem that was costing them $500,000/year in overage charges.