A Message from Our CEO

Chris Baltz Boardroom Evaluate. Innovate. Dominate.

Our company’s tagline is something that’s near and dear to my heart. When I joined Transportation Insight in 2010, we went through a process of determining our place in the marketplace—what makes us unique. Those three words succinctly describe not just what we’re doing for our clients, but also what we expect of ourselves.


We believe that we have to listen; we have to assess first. So evaluate is always the first step in what we do. Listen, evaluate where the client is and map their current state. This defines our approach. How can we bring an effective solution forward if we don’t intimately understand our client’s business challenges?

This tenet applies to us internally as well. We constantly strive to assess ourselves. Are we getting better? Are we learning? If we’re not being introspective, how are we going to hit that next career or personal goal?

We intend to bring real game-changing capabilities to our clients. After we’ve evaluated and determined the current state, we implement an approach to improve that state. This usually requires change and innovation.

This solution can involve the way a client puts bids together for carriers, changing the process so it is disciplined instead of haphazard. It could also mean completely changing their procurement process or how they interact with their clients from a customer service perspective. It could mean many things.

Innovation for us means re-engineering and technology: reaching customers where they live and making sure we’re bringing improvement over time. For us, innovation is something continuous. The cycle of evaluation and innovation is always repeated, and this brings the concept of continuous improvement to our clients.

Again, we apply this process internally, expecting constant evaluation and innovation of ourselves.

We want to dominate, and we want our clients to dominate. If our clients evaluate and innovate—continuously repeating that cycle—they’ll eventually dominate, whether by reputation or size, in their market space. When we engage with a client, we work together over time to implement this cycle of evaluation and innovation; ultimately it leads to the goals they seek. Going from good to great to dominant is the journey we take with our clients.

The same holds for our associates on a personal level. They want to be dominant performers in their work, and application of this approach results in exceptional performance.

Every day when I head to work, I do so with the knowledge that our clients are fundamentally better after working with us. In today’s global marketplace, where attaining and maintaining competitive advantage is increasingly challenging, I also know just how important this work is.

Chris Baltz
President and Chief Executive Officer