Transportation Insight Named to Parcel magazine’s 2017-2018 List of Hot Companies for Small Package Solutions

Robust Parcel Platform Combines Audit, Network Engineering and Advanced Analytics for Maximum Efficiencies

small package solutionsHICKORY, NC (August 22, 2017) – Transportation Insight, a multi-modal lead logistics solutions provider and 2016 U.S. EPA SmartWay® Excellence Awardee, is named in Parcel magazine’s 2017-2018 list of Hot Companies for Small Package Solutions. Transportation Insight showcases its robust Insight Parcel® platform that combines Audit, Network Engineering and Advanced Analytics to help shippers eliminate unnecessary spending, optimize logistics network efficiencies and maximize customer service. The global Enterprise Logistics Provider uses a diagnose then prescribe approach to carefully examine clients’ parcel logistics operations and uncover areas for improvement that lead to bottom line growth and sustained revenues.

“Whether customers are buying products online or in brick-and-mortar stores, shippers need to ensure the right products are at the right location at the right time, which requires an optimized supply chain network and a robust, parcel-centric, multi-modal solution that allows businesses to maximize their client relationships with sustained value,” says Transportation Insight President and CEO Chris Baltz. “Our Insight Parcel platform is recognized for its effectiveness in helping shippers meet their end customers’ ever-growing demands for quicker shipments, while maintaining their business’ profitability. We evaluate current operations, then prescribe the best approach to meet shippers’ business goals in the omni-channel and e-commerce markets.”

Transportation Insight’s team of parcel logistics experts provide business-to-business and business-to-consumer shippers with tightly-engineered parcel programs that help them better serve customers, while optimizing transportation modes for improved efficiencies and lowered costs. Best-in-class parcel programs designed and implemented by Transportation Insight combine Audit, Engineering and Analytics-based optimization to help shippers meet the e-commerce customers’ demands for smaller, faster and more frequent deliveries.

“Today, many e-commerce shippers focus on improving transit times to provide quicker deliveries to their customers, when in reality, these shippers could be much more competitive by improving efficiencies within their supply chains in ways that increase reliability in shipments,” says Transportation Insight VP of Parcel Operations Todd Benge. “Working with Transportation Insight’s team of parcel experts and innovative parcel solutions, clients can streamline operations, reduce expenditures and recover savings in their logistics operations.”

Transportation Insight’s Parcel Audit program uncovers discrepancies in invoices, services and compliance, to recover costs and offload administration, allowing clients to focus on other competencies. The supply chain consultant’s parcel experts team performs in-depth audits on parcel invoices to catch errors such as duplicates, rate mistakes and overcharges, and then works with shippers to recover costs that feed bottom line revenues. Verified by an annual SOC 1 Type II third-party compliance audit, Transportation Insight’s experts and technology establish programs that create continuous improvement of parcel operations and long-term value for businesses.

Parcel Network Engineering services from Transportation Insight, an Inc. 5000 Hall of Fame member, provide innovative parcel optimization using a three-prong approach to make more efficient use of supply chain data with optimized networks that enhance delivery schedules and boost service levels. Transportation Insight engineers and analysts access and analyze parcel programs, then design and implement roadmaps for successful parcel programs that maximize customer service levels for the least resources.

Transportation Insight’s Advanced Parcel Analytics utilizes data collected throughout parcel operations to model what-if scenarios, analyze current trends and measure key performance indicators, resulting in fact-based parcel programs that support business goals. Business intelligence dashboards utilize parcel analytics to uncover trends that lead to sustained improvement efforts. Powerful visualization of these trends underscores the importance of metrics that improve decision-making for enhanced shipping operations.

Transportation Insight’s entire suite of parcel services, including logistics optimization, auditing and advanced analytics, enables shippers to leverage the growing demands for an optimized e-commerce supply chain that can be used as a competitive advantage. Transportation Insight’s article in Parcel magazine can be viewed on page 54 in the July/August 2017 issue.

About Transportation Insight, LLC

Transportation Insight is a multi-modal, lead logistics provider with more than $1.7 billion in gross annual revenue. For nearly 20 years, the Enterprise Logistics Solutions Provider has partnered with hundreds of retailers, manufacturers and distributors to achieve significant cost savings, reduce cycle times and improve customer satisfaction rates by providing customized parcel and supply chain solutions. Transportation Insight offers a Co-managed Logistics® form of 3PL, carrier sourcing, freight bill audit and payment services, state-of-the-art transportation management system (TMS) applications, parcel technology platform (audit, engineering, advanced analytics) and business intelligence. Its logistics services include domestic transportation, e-commerce solutions, supply chain analytics, international transportation, warehouse sourcing, LEAN consulting and supply chain sourcing of indirect materials. Headquartered in Hickory, NC, Transportation Insight has secondary operating centers in Atlanta, GA, Bentonville, AR, Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC, Omaha, NE and Salt Lake City, UT, as well as more than 50 client support offices across North America. For more about Transportation Insight, visit, email or call 877-226-9950.