Transportation Insight Honored with Inbound Logistics G75 Award for Top Green Supply Chain Partners

g75logo2015horizontalHICKORY, NC (July 1, 2015) – Transportation Insight, a leading global third-party logistics (3PL) provider, announces the company has received the G75 Award from Inbound Logistics magazine as a top green supply chain partner for the second consecutive year. Inbound Logistics 75 Green Supply Chain Partners (G75) profiles companies that are demonstrating their commitment to sustainable supply chain, logistics and transportation practices. Transportation Insight was chosen for delivering LEAN supply chain optimization solutions, advanced analytics, robust transportation management technology and best-in-class client services that result in diminished carbon emissions, lower mileage and reduced fuel costs.

“We are honored to be recognized for providing innovative solutions that help green the supply chains of our clients by eliminating waste, lowering energy costs and reducing mileage,” says Transportation Insight President and CEO Chris Baltz. “As sustainability is at the heart of many of our clients’ corporate goals, we strive to drive efficiencies within their supply chain operations through optimal mode and carrier selection. In addition, we help clients optimize their supply chain networks using technology and simulation with historical data, which results in a streamlined network designed to reduce costs and environmental impact.”

Transportation Insight’s Extended LEAN continuous improvement methodology blends traditional LEAN process improvement principles with logistics expertise and state-of-the-art technology to help clients eliminate waste, saving millions of dollars. During a LEAN supply chain assessment, Transportation Insight determines where to cut waste within an enterprise, such as eliminating expedited shipments, lowering energy usage, reducing packaging and optimizing transportation loads and modes. One client saved $2.7 million with results including:

  • 30% reduction in annual inbound LTL freight cost savings, which also resulted in lower mileage, reduced carbon emissions and lower fuel costs
  • 12% annual outbound parcel freight cost savings
  • 4% savings in annual freight audit and payment savings
  • 39% savings through supply chain sourcing of indirect materials
  • 36% increase in inventory turns

Transportation Insight is a SmartWay partner, and works with the EPA on programs designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

“Supply chain sustainability has always been top of mind for Inbound Logistics readers. The 75 Green Supply Chain Partners is a very select group, and we found Transportation Insight to be one of those companies that is truly ‘walking the walk’ when it comes to supply chain sustainability. The G75 list represents 75 visionaries who have demonstrated a long-standing history of driving efficiencies in their customers’ operations and an internal commitment to be as lean and green as possible. Inbound Logistics is proud to honor Transportation Insight among this important group of industry-changing leaders,” said Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics.

Inbound Logistics editors choose the G75 by considering a company’s corporate sustainability initiatives, collaborative customer-driven projects, and participation in public-private partnerships. Four benchmarks carry weight in the decision-making: measurable green results, sustainability innovation, continuous improvement, and industry recognition. The winners of the G75 Award are presented in the June issue of Inbound Logistics magazine.

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