Transportation Insight Client Rudolph Foods Wins Food Logistics Champions Award

HICKORY, NC (March 27, 2015) – Transportation Insight, a leading global third-party logistics (3PL) provider, announces that its client, Rudolph Foods, has won the distinguished Food Logistics Champion Award given by Food Logistics magazine that honors the “Rock Stars of the Supply Chain” in its March 2015 issue. Specifically, DeAnne Rodgers, Corporate Logistics Manager for Rudolph Foods, is recognized for excellence in leading the logistics and transportation operations team for all of the Rudolph Foods’ facilities across North America. DeAnne and her team drive productivity improvements across their entire supply chain, working with Transportation Insight under a Co-managed Logistics model to develop and continuously refine its integrated Enterprise Logistics solution.

Under Rodgers’ watch, Rudolph Foods has increased its least-cost carrier compliance to 98%, above the benchmark of 97% compliance that is considered best-in-class in the food industry. “Many times every day we are faced with logistics decisions,” said Rodgers. “Some are simple, but some can be very challenging. The key is to always put your customers first in these decisions, and the success will take care of itself. Working strategically with Transportation Insight’s robust offerings and knowledgeable team members, we are able to streamline our supply chain, while improving visibility and responsiveness, allowing us to meet our customer first goals.”

Executive leaders understand the enormous potential in strategically leveraging supply chain data to win in their industry and increase long-term enterprise value.  Rudolph Foods leverages Transportation Insight’s end-to-end solutions, including multi-mode transportation management, freight bill payment and audit, carrier sourcing, reporting and analytics. The 3PL’s signature approach brings the power of analytics, logistics expertise and best-of-breed transportation management system (TMS) applications, allowing the client to pull the triggers every day without disrupting their existing platforms and carrier relationships.  By utilizing the skills and insights of Transportation Insight’s supply chain experts who teach, train and coach right alongside them, Rudolph Foods can better navigate their complex marketplace and execute supply chain management with continuous excellence.

Frank Gardner, Director of Packaging Operations at Rudolph Foods adds, “The food industry is affected by numerous government and food safety regulations along with growing challenges, such as finding shipping capacity to meet demand, tighter delivery time windows, and more frequent deliveries. Working closely with Transportation Insight, we gain a streamlined supply chain that has allowed us to not only transform our end-to-end supply chain processes, but thrive in the industry.”

“Transportation Insight extends their congratulations to DeAnne Rodgers of Rudolph Foods for winning this prestigious award from one of the food industry’s leading publications,” says Transportation Insight Chief Operating Officer Laura Easley. “In few other industries does the combination of refining processes and controlling freight costs bear more importance than the snack foods industry. We are delighted to see DeAnne recognized for her outstanding leadership and innovative approach to managing Rudolph Foods’ transportation operations.”

The Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain recognizes influential individuals in our industry whose achievements, hard work, and vision have shaped and attained milestones in safety, efficiency, productivity and innovation throughout the global food supply chain. From early pioneers and entrepreneurs to non-conformist thinkers and executive standouts, Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain aims to honor these leaders and their contributions to our industry.

Rudolph Foods will be in attendance at Snaxpo 2015, the world’s largest, most comprehensive trade show devoted exclusively to the international snack food industry. John Mark Singleton, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Rudolph Foods serves as President of the Snack Food Association. Transportation Insight will also attend the event and will display at booth #437 alongside category leaders committed to advancing the snack food industry.

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