Transportation Insight Addresses Demand for Data Solutions amid Escalating Supply Chain Complexity

HICKORY, NC (February 13, 2015) – Chief Operating Officer for Transportation Insight Laura Easley examines the mounting need for data-driven supply chain strategy in the latest issue of leading industry publication Inbound Logistics magazine. The COO for the globally-recognized enterprise third-party logistics (3PL) provider, Easley references market intelligence in identifying primary 2015 challenges impacting the supply chain such as rising logistics-related costs, global trade complexity, tightening capacity, government regulations and driver shortages.  She adds that accelerated marketplace changes are having a blinding effect on many shippers, propelling the demand for analytics to support executive strategic planning.

“More than ever companies are looking to leverage the massive amount of data that they generate to navigate in today’s complicated global marketplace.  They are investing in multi-faceted supply chain initiatives to advance network optimization and enable proactive decision-making,” says Easley. “For many Transportation Insight clients the innovative approach of marrying interactive supply chain analytics and Extended LEAN®, a supply chain continuous improvement methodology, is resulting in marked increases in end-to-end supply chain productivity and direct value creation for customers.”

Transportation Insight, a 2013 APICS Foothills Chapter – Company of the Year, architected an industry-leading data model and fully integrated it with Extended LEAN to become a key resource for data management, supply chain design and operational excellence. Transportation Insight’s team of analytics experts create a model of a client’s existing supply chain from customer-supplied data sources such as transportation, production and inventory and thoroughly examine it from vendor to customer.  The logistics provider leverages expertise in LEAN principles to help create a value stream map of the supply chain’s current state and identify non-value-added elements from the customer’s perspective.

Transportation Insight Vice President of Client Services and Continuous Improvement Eric Lail is creator of the 3PL’s Extended LEAN methodology. “By combining supply chain analytical expertise with the Extended LEAN thought process, we are meshing industry-leading tools from two continuous improvement disciplines that many people do not associate with each other,” says Lail. “We work with our clients to visualize the current state of their entire supply chain from a data perspective.  We help companies validate areas where their business is doing well and uncover opportunities for improvement that may have otherwise never been discovered.” Lail is one of 200 Shingo Prize examiners worldwide, focusing on the highest standard for operational excellence.

By merging LEAN thinking with thorough data analysis, Transportation Insight provides an unbiased assessment of the supply chain data to create forward-thinking solutions that restore insight and understanding for shippers in a complicated, volatile business environment.

Easley adds, “Transportation Insight is fortunate to have become a strategic partner with hundreds of companies looking to leverage technology, analytics and continuous improvement.  Whether we’re providing our traditional Co-managed Logistics® bundled supply chain solutions or analytics, we deliver to our valued clients the insight they need to achieve long-term enterprise value creation.”

Transportation Insight demonstrated its innovative value stream analytics at the most recent conferences of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME).

Easley’s Knowledgebase article “Leverage Data to Navigate Uncertain Times” was released today in Inbound Logistics magazine, an information leader in supply chain and logistics management.

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