Transportation Insight Featured in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Magazine

HICKORY, NC (January 30, 2015) – Transportation Insight, a leading global third-party logistics (3PL) provider, announces that Vice President of Information Technology Jim Taylor is featured in an article titled “Logistics Software Helps Bakers and Snack Producers Better Manage Their Operations,” in the January 2015 issue of Snack Foods & Wholesale Bakery magazine. Snack food processors and bakeries are tasked with getting products on supermarket shelves in a timely manner and must use state-of-the-art supply chain systems and services to accomplish these goals. Transportation Insight helps food and beverage processors meet the daunting challenges of fluctuating raw material prices, short expiration dates and competitive market share by offering end-to-end visibility throughout the supply chain through their bundled enterprise logistics solutions, which deliver an increase in productivity and efficiencies throughout clients’ operations.

“Snack food manufacturers are concerned not only with product freshness, but they must meet government regulations for food safety, which requires capturing information from supply chain processes, along with visibility from farm to table,” says Taylor. “Massive amounts of data are generated, which can be used to spot trends, analyze and measure supply chain partners against key performance indicators, and create predictive analytics that can identify potential areas needing improvement within supply chain operations.”

In the article, Jim Taylor discusses how more and more managers are accessing this information via mobile devices to improve real-time decision-making. He adds, “The use of cloud and mobile technologies will continue to grow as it provides convenience and efficiency improvements.”

The Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery story focuses on tools and services that increase efficiencies within logistics and warehouse operations, ranging from picking systems to fleet management software. One key focus is on Big Data and how snack food and wholesale bakeries can use the information gathered from their supply chain to reveal “key trends, opportunities and areas where a company can make the most improvement in the least amount of time.” Transportation Insight’s Insight Fusion® is an advanced business intelligence solution. Its interactive user interface helps management dive deep into the numbers to make sense of the data, generating insights, enhancing decision-making and driving new value to the bottom line.

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