Transportation Insight Named Global Trade Top 10 3PL for Best Technology

Top 10 3PL for Best TechnologyHICKORY, NC (September 5, 2014) – Global third-party logistics (3PL) provider Transportation Insight has been selected by Global Trade magazine in its September/October issue as a Top 10 3PL with recognition for Best Technology. The 3PL’s forward-thinking technology drives strategic business insight and allows clients to continuously optimize enterprise performance. As part of its end-to-end supply chain solutions, Transportation Insight’s industry-leading platform includes transportation and logistics management technology, deep analytical capabilities, extensive data warehousing, dynamic on-demand reporting, and ease of customization and integration. Complemented by a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Logistics services, the 3PL’s technology offering has received accolades for increasing productivity, enhancing port-to-door visibility and harnessing the power of Big Data to drive proactive decision making across the supply chain and the enterprise.

“We are pleased to be named once again as one of America’s leading 3PLs by Global Trade magazine,” says Paul Thompson, Founder and Chairman of Transportation Insight. “As shippers continue the move toward partnering with fewer logistics providers with broader capabilities, Transportation Insight clients have benefitted from our ongoing investment in technology.  We seamlessly blend proprietary products and best-in-class applications to deliver customized solutions for our clients. By leveraging our expertise to help shippers continuously improve, we have developed a reputation for being the best in Enterprise Logistics and a leader in supply chain technology and data science,” adds Thompson.

As an integral part of its Enterprise Logistics solutions, Transportation Insight’s technology offering includes Insight TMS®, a web-based Transportation Management System, a fully integrated warehouse management system, a proprietary freight invoice auditing and data collection application and Insight Fusion®, Transportation Insight’s Big Data solution. The company’s supply chain technology experts architected the interactive web-based portal from the ground up to deliver real-time, actionable and data-driven business intelligence.

“By combining Transportation Insight’s logistics and technology solutions with clients’ business expertise, we see optimized business performance and significant client growth that outpaces the economy,” says Transportation Insight President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Baltz. “The synergies can be game changing. From better visibility to freight rates and carrier options, to the presentation of complete and accurate data in the formats our clients require, Transportation Insight’s technology empowers our clients to take control of the supply chain.”

Transportation Insight designs and implements its technology solutions under a methodology rooted in LEAN. Developed by Transportation Insight, the Extended LEAN® continuous improvement methodology for the supply chain removes non-value-added activities and costs. Extended LEAN enables clients to quickly capitalize on improvements throughout the enterprise and create industry-wide value networks.

Partnering with leading logistics industry analyst Armstrong & Associates, Global Trade magazine features 105 leading logistics service providers arranged into 10 different need-based categories in its current issue. The magazine’s mission is to educate and entertain its readers on ways to utilize the global marketplace to increase market share and corporate profits, through creative efficiencies in cargo transportation, banking, joint ventures, outsourcing and expansion opportunities.

About Transportation Insight, LLC

Transportation Insight is a global lead logistics provider with more than $1.6 billion in supply chain spend under management. For over a decade, the 3PL has partnered with hundreds of manufacturers, distributors and retailers to achieve significant cost savings, reduce cycle times and improve customer satisfaction rates by providing customized supply chain solutions. Transportation Insight offers a Co-managed Logistics® form of 3PL, carrier sourcing, freight bill audit and payment services, state-of-the-art transportation management system (TMS) applications and business intelligence. Its logistics services include domestic transportation, supply chain analytics, international transportation, warehouse sourcing, LEAN consulting and supply chain sourcing of indirect materials. Headquartered in Hickory, NC, Transportation Insight has secondary operating centers in Charlotte, NC, Bentonville, AR and Atlanta, GA, as well as more than 40 client support offices across North America. For more about Transportation Insight, visit