Transportation Insight Big Data Solutions Featured in Inbound Logistics

HICKORY, NC (April 28, 2014) – Insight Fusion™, the interactive business intelligence engine developed by enterprise third-party logistics (3PL) provider Transportation Insight, appears as a featured Big Data solution in the cover story of Inbound Logistics magazine’s April 2014 logistics technology issue.

“Transportation Insight continues to be an innovator in the logistics technology arena to give our clients a competitive advantage they might not realize by working with other providers,” says Transportation Insight President and CEO Chris Baltz. “This game-changing technology enables our clients to have a 30,000-foot view of their entire supply chain, while enabling them to pinpoint single activities and reveal trends and opportunities for enterprise improvement at a moment’s notice.”

Focusing on how shippers are leveraging Big Data to optimize their supply chains, the cover story of the magazine seeks to define Big Data and explain how the insight gained by analyzing these massive amounts of data can help companies realize a competitive advantage in their marketplace. The Inbound Logistics article features a longtime Transportation Insight client discussing how Insight Fusion will help make significant improvements to its logistics operations, profitability and customer satisfaction.

“Executive leaders understand the enormous potential in strategically leveraging supply chain data to win in their industry and increase long-term enterprise value,” says Jim Taylor, Vice President of Information Technology in a Knowledge Base piece also appearing in Inbound Logistics. “Insight Fusion allows clients to access and manage massive volumes of fused and unintegrated data, to accurately interpret that data with end-to-end visibility and to adapt to supply chain changes with high velocity.”

While studies by Capgemini Consulting show trends toward companies’ desires to implement Big Data solutions, Transportation Insight is among five percent of 3PLs that are currently providing one. As seen recently in a blog on The CEO Magazine, Taylor says that 3PLs are ideally positioned to help shippers harness the power of Big Data and identify relevant and actionable information.

On the heels of a recent announcement in which Transportation Insight declared its intentions to triple in size by 2020 and to develop a new corporate campus, Transportation Insight Founder and Chairman Paul Thompson says innovations like Insight Fusion will help the company meet its long-term growth goals.

“Developing innovative tools like Insight Fusion is key to Transportation Insight’s vision of becoming the leading provider of enterprise logistics in North America,” says Founder and Chairman Paul Thompson. “We are committed to delivering logistics technology to our clients that not only streamlines supply chain management, but also adds exponential enterprise value.”

About Transportation Insight, LLC

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