LEAN Supply Chain to Be Introduced to the Shingo Prize Community

HICKORY, N.C., April 26, 2012 – Eric Lail, Vice President of LEAN Performance Solutions for Transportation Insight and one of 250 Shingo Prize Examiners, will be attending the 2012 Shingo Prize International Conference in Jacksonville, Florida April 30 – May 3, to introduce the LEAN Supply Chain concept to the Shingo Prize community. The Shingo Prize is an award given to companies worldwide that are implementing LEAN business processes throughout their enterprise.

“Most companies today are looking at the value stream within their four walls,” said Eric Lail. “While we continue to see huge gains from those efforts, the reality is that portion of the value stream is typically a very small piece of their total supply chain. LEAN Supply Chain looks at the entire value stream from originating supplier through manufacturing and distribution to the end consumer. Ultimately, linking supply chain value streams from multiple customers creates industry-wide value networks, which is where market domination by participants is inevitable from the operational efficiency perspective.”

“We are seeing more and more Transportation Insight clients and prospective clients embarking on the LEAN journey,” said Paul Thompson, CEO of Transportation Insight. “What they are finding is that although they have seen significant improvements in their traditional logistics processes, the waste (non-value added processes) that exists in their overall value stream is still a tremendous opportunity. Using real-time business insight and sophisticated technology platforms with a partner that looks at continuous improvements with a LEAN mindset is fruitful. We want to help clients improve every facet of their business and enable them to dominate their markets with unsurpassed customer satisfaction and profits.”

Eric Lail will be joined by Sophie Dabbs, Director of Supply Chain Solutions from Transportation Insight, at booth #21 during the conference.

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