Webinar: Enterprise Shaping Business Intelligence

HICKORY, NC, January, 2010 – Transportation Insight is excited to announce an ongoing webinar series to deliver current information about our cutting edge business intelligence and technology. The third webinar in the series is a collaboration with Total Insight, Transportation Insight’s sister company.

Please join Gary Ledford, General Manager of Professional Solutions with Total Insight, to explore fresh, distinct industry solutions which can be customized for your organization.

Topic Description:
How successful was your organization in terms of achieving its 2009 goals? 70% of strategic plans fail due to a lack of execution ability. This webinar will present a roadmap and a proven methodology to insure that your organization lands its operating, financial, and service goals for 2010.

Introspection: Even with strategic planning sessions, organizations typically achieve mediocre results in the end.
Redirection: Translating the organizational goals into specific actions that actually move the ball down the field.
Execution: Gold medal achievers always have the support of a proven coach.

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