Webinar: Enterprise Shaping Business Intelligence

HICKORY, NC, November 19, 2009 – Transportation Insight is excited to announce an ongoing webinar series to deliver current information about our cutting edge business intelligence and technology. The second webinar in the series is a collaboration with Transportation Insight’s Client Services and Engineering Services.

Join Linda McGovern, Manager of Client Services, and Scott Pettit, Logistics Engineer with Transportation Insight, to explore fresh, distinct industry solutions which can be customized for your organization.

Topic Description:
Companies are faced with hundreds of questions every day that affect the entire enterprise. Many companies have spent time and resources to gather the data needed to answer these questions, but most are unable to transform that data into actionable information. A strategic business intelligence platform puts the right information into the right hands at the right time. Our presentation addresses how to identify what data an enterprise may need, how to gather the data, which platforms are available to transform the data, and how to act on the information.

Introspection: Why is business intelligence more important than ever?
Redirection: Identify the need, gather the data, and create the right information.
Execution: Shaping the future of your enterprise may require coaching.

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