Total Insight Acquires Petra International

HICKORY, NC, February 23, 2009 – Total Insight, LLC, an affiliate of Transportation Insight, LLC, expands its business services by acquiring Petra International, a professional solutions provider.

In a response to the changing market, Paul Thompson, CEO of Transportation Insight, partnered with Gary Ledford, President of Petra International, to acquire the associated proprietary consulting services and expertise of Petra International. The acquisition resulted in the formation of Total Insight’s Professional Solutions Division headed by Gary Ledford as Vice President.

Petra International, founded in 1989, has helped over 300 executive leadership teams across numerous industries accomplish game-changing goals for excellence, productivity, and financial performance. The acquisition by Total Insight pulls together Petra International’s resources with top management employees and experienced professionals from Total Insight and its affiliate Transportation Insight.

“In today’s evolving business environment, only the companies with exceptional human capital which produce superior products and services with high client satisfaction levels will thrive,” stated Paul Thompson, CEO. “We are excited to add additional Professional Services Division to meet client needs for organizational development, executive coaching, lean consulting, and whole company strategy development and execution. With the addition of these services to our existing supply chain management, technology, business intelligence, and business process optimization offerings, we are able to orchestrate many of the most ambitious and game-changing initiatives our clients need in our increasingly challenging marketplace.”

With almost 20 years in organizational consulting and management solutions, Petra (now Total Insight) complements and expands Transportation Insight’s services with comprehensive business solutions. These solutions extend far beyond the supply chain to provide top-tier results to achieve and sustain client excellence.

Mr. Ledford discovered Transportation Insight when he was serving a company which already utilized Transportation Insight’s management services. “I was so impressed by the value Transportation Insight created for their client company that the proposal to join the company’s services group, Total Insight, offered an irresistible opportunity to deliver excellence to the business community,” said Mr. Ledford.

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