United Sourcing Alliance Signs New Agreement with OfficeMax

CHARLOTTE, NC, January 9, 2009 – United Sourcing Alliance is pleased to announce the signing of a new, enhanced agreement with OfficeMax to include Office Supplies, IT Products & Services, Furniture, and Impress Print Services. For over 10 years, OfficeMax has proven to be an outstanding supplier partner for our group, and we are very pleased to be presenting an enhanced contract to our client base. Highlights include an expanded master Core List with a 3% price reduction and and additional 10% weighted average discount on all off contract purchases. In addition, there are deeper discounts offered through the IT, Furniture, and Impress categories.

United Sourcing Alliance is focused on being the best in strategic sourcing, demand aggregation, commodity management, and procurement outsourcing, while managing change through a proven implementation process. Presently USA has 27 pre-negotiated supplier contracts in 16 categories of indirect, MRO and packaging spend.