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Transportation & Logistics Guides

Transportation Rates Guide 2020

Transportation Rates 2020 Guide

In this 2020 Rates Guide, we discuss the most important points that should go into every transportation plan, show you which charges are most likely to impact your budget, and explain how working with a seasoned, tech-savvy logistics provider can give you the ammunition you need to win in 2020.

Managing the Risk of Racing Amazon

Transportation Insight’s retail supply chain experts are helping shippers identify key areas of risk that exist in the e-commerce transportation realm. “Managing the Risk of Racing Amazon” offers actionable insight to help shippers make strategic, financial and operational moves that protect profit and enhance customer experience.

2020 Parcel Rate Impact Analysis Report

Transportation Insight’s 2020 Parcel Rate Impact Analysis identifies the most important points that should go into every parcel shipping plan. It shows you which hidden charges are most likely to impact your budget. Our Experts leverage decades of parcel experience to share strategies that will help you better manage your parcel shipping costs. Their actionable tips for 2020 can optimize your shipping performance and improve your profit.

Control Costs with Strategic Sourcing

Defining Indirect Spend costs can be a challenge, but Transportation Insight’s 30-year veteran of sourcing and procurement offers guidance on practices that help identify and control these expenses. Download “Uncover Indirect Spend: Control Cost with Strategic Sourcing” to achieve savings through actionable steps shared by Transportation Insight Director of Sourcing Solutions Gene Smith.