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Through a data-driven process, Transportation Insight partners with retailers of apparel, sporting goods, home furnishings and other products to leverage technology, analysis and expertise to improve supply chain efficiency and financial performance. Whether you reach customers in stores, online or through a multi-channel platform, an efficient and effective supply chain can be a game-changer to increase sales, expand profit margin and reduce the length of your cash-to-cash cycle.

How Retailers Gain a Competitive Advantage

Progressive retailers are taking advantage of today’s digital world by creating an infrastructure that meets their customers’ demanding expectations while aligning to their own business objectives. We partner with retailers to re-engineer their multi-modal transportation programs to take advantage of carrier network strengths, thereby reducing time-in-transit and transportation costs.

Our deep domain expertise and proprietary technologies help retailers achieve:

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility: Cloud-based Insight TMS® can seamlessly integrate with your existing applications to deliver multi-modal cost and delivery options. Overseas port to final mile shipment tracking enables you and your customer to know the exact location of their orders.
  • Rigorous cost and service compliance controls: Proprietary freight and parcel invoice auditing technologies examine every line of every carrier invoice to ensure you’re paying the correct amount for your contracted rates and services. The savings realized can be reinvested toward additional revenue-generating activities.
  • Comprehensive business intelligence: Insightful, actionable and detailed reporting uncovers trends and opportunities while helping you measure success and make better business decisions. Alongside you, our team of industry experts leverages your data to make recommendations on how you can continuously improve your transportation program.

If you’re an established retailer seeking additional channels to scale your business, we have a suite of services that can help you:

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…A major accessory retailer that established its reputation as a department store staple embarked on the creation of direct-to-consumer e-commerce and retail channels. Its goal was to broaden its customer appeal with a refined buying and returns process. While the company realized great success through these new channels, transportation costs were spiraling upward and putting a damper on profitability expectations…

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Global Omni-channel Retailer Realizes 18% Savings Across 27 Locations

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The Retail Revolution and the Influence of the Supply Chain

Receive a Complimentary Omni-Channel Evaluation

As the omni-channel landscape continues to become more complex, we understand that many Retailers face obstacles in growing and achieving high customer service marks.

Topics for discussion may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Omni-channel and Internet retail growth strategies
  • Supply chain best practices
  • Regional carrier opportunities
  • Increasing customer service and retention
  • Small parcel industry trends
  • Provider rate changes
  • Mergers and acquisition challenges

I was very impressed from the start. We were shown the potential savings, both in money and labor hours. We have met those savings.

– Accounting Manager, Sporting Goods