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Top retail organizations build winning businesses through skilled merchandising, tight cost control, and a relentless focus on inventory management. Whether you reach your customers in stores, online, or through a multi-channel platform, an efficient and effective supply chain can be a game-changer for sales, margin and return on capital. Using the right tools and resources, you will be able to manage your inventory mix and levels over multiple locations with excellence.

By having visibility to inbound and outbound products and the tools to measure key metrics, your company’s decision makers can reach the best decisions. Fast. We partner with retailers of apparel, sporting goods, home furnishings and other categories to bring savings, visibility and tools to drive efficient supply chains and better financial performance.

Pooled Distribution Model Reduces Corporate Expenses, Maintains Service

Transportation Insight establishes the right mix of Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL) carriers in order to provide optimal transit times and transportation costs for the client.

A client with two Distribution Centers (DC), one in Georgia and one in California, needed help assessing the effect on transit times and transportation costs if they were to shut down the California DC and fulfill all orders from their Georgia DC. Transportation Insight modeled their shipping patterns as if all freight had originated at the Georgia DC and determined that if the client closed the California DC, they would face a $1M increase in annual shipping costs—an unacceptable amount to the client.

Transportation Insight then created a pooled distribution model which assumed a recurring truckload route from the Georgia DC to an LTL terminal in California where the west-bound freight was distributed by LTL carriers for the last segment of its travel. This model lessened the cost increase from $1M to $500k and allowed the client to accomplish their commercial objective of shutting down the California DC.

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Interactive Tool Provides Visibility, Optimizes Network

A galvanized rods client with 18 agent stores across the country needed visibility as to which store the product should ship from when fulfilling an order. Transportation Insight created an interactive tool that allows the client to adjust parameters based on price and delivery date to be able to better inform their customers of the cost, expected delivery day, and product shipping origin, resulting in improved lead times and more satisfied customers.

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Nationwide Sports Retailer Takes the Challenge and Automates Transportation Network

I was very impressed from the start. We were shown the potential savings, both in money and labor hours. We have met those savings.

– Accounting Manager, Sporting Goods