Mitigate Financial Risk

Mitigate Financial Risk

Rigorous processes foster peace of mind.

How can you be sure that you’re in total control of your supply chain budget?

Parcel and Freight Invoice Audit

Through a combination of error resolution, technology and data analysis, our audit experts can help you gain control and better manage risk associated with potential fraud, security and compliance.

Most shippers agree they uncover significant value by auditing their freight invoices, but because the process requires their accounting associates to sift through reams of data to find discrepancies, more companies are exploring alternative solutions. These audits commonly result in a savings of more than 2% of your total freight and parcel shipping expenses. And, auditing small package invoices with SOC 1 Type II compliance provides additional rigor, in-depth analysis and peace of mind.

International Compliance

As companies reach globally to expand their markets or sourcing channels, they must deal with import and export compliance challenges, making it imperative to initiate sound compliance practices. Complex rules in the international shipping landscape, along with a significant increase in U.S. Customs activity driven by the 2016 enactment of the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act, create significant risk exposure for importers and exporters.

With experts that have earned certification in Import and Export Compliance from The World Academy, Transportation Insight can help you minimize international import/export risks by performing an assessment of your international trade practices. This health check identifies lapses in process and documentation, and provides steps to alleviate your risk. To start the conversation with one of our certified international compliance experts, click here.


Accurate cost-to-serve and a cost-based pricing philosophy helps businesses ensure bottom-line profitability. Transportation Insight works with clients to develop and maintain accurate cost-to-serve metrics by modeling all activities in the supply chain network and accumulating and properly allocating fixed and variable costs. This accurate model can help you make decisions about which markets, customers and SKUs are contributing well to profitability and which are not. To learn more about cost-to-serve, click here.

White Paper

The International Compliance Evolution: Enhanced Enforcement Creates New Risk


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