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Distribution industry leaders maintain their margins when business gets tough by keeping their supply chains operating at optimal productivity levels. A Transportation Insight Enterprise Logistics Solution leverages tools and technology to increase visibility and monitor supply chain cost and performance. Enabling better inventory management, transportation cost management or warehousing optimization, our solutions increase efficiency, improve lead times and protect margins for leading distributors of automotive parts, medical supplies, consumer electronics and many other products.

Partnering with Distributors to Expand into the Digital Economy

To survive and thrive, a distributor needs to have an agile and responsive supply chain. A data-driven Enterprise Logistics Solution tailored to business needs can help distributors take their logistics operations into the digital age.

In the global economy the distance between manufacturer and consumer is shrinking every day, and we understand that distributors can be squeezed out of the equation if their operations fall short of optimal cost and service levels. While the end consumer may be dictating the marketplace, the e-commerce explosion is transforming more than the consumer economy. As the e-commerce impact expands, distributor supply chains must have the ability to adapt to change more quickly than before.

Leveraging our multi-modal domain expertise to design and implement Enterprise Logistics Solutions can help distributors obtain:

  • Supply chain visibility to all inbound inventory and outbound orders, so that they can deliver on promises to customers.
  • Sufficient reliable transportation capacity through our extensive carrier network.
  • Total cost and service provider contract compliance: Proprietary freight and parcel invoice auditing technologies examine every line of every carrier invoice to ensure the correct payment amount for contracted rates and services. The savings realized can be reinvested toward additional revenue-generating activities.
  • Comprehensive business intelligence: Insightful, actionable and detailed reporting uncovers trends and opportunities while measuring success and facilitating better business decisions. Working alongside distributors, our team of industry experts leverages data to make recommendations for continuous improvements to their transportation program.

Looking at ways to keep inventory moving through your value chain in the most efficient manner? Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with a distribution expert and find out how a partnership with Transportation Insight could be the first step in the right direction.


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