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Industry leaders in distribution are able to maintain their margins when business gets tough. You can increase and sustain your margins by optimizing your supply chain. A custom logistics solution can capture savings opportunities in transportation or warehousing.

Additional efficiencies can be gained through tools and technology that increase visibility and monitor supply chain cost and performance. Our solutions bring increased efficiency, improved margins and better lead times to leading distributors of automotive parts, medical supplies, consumer electronics and many other products.

DC Consolidation Results in Optimized Network, Reduced Transportation Costs

A client wanted to close one of its three DCs in the Eastern United States: Pittsburgh, Dayton, and Buffalo. The client requested that Transportation Insight determine which DC closure would produce the least financial impact on their transportation costs.

Transportation Insight’s team of Logistics Engineers used the client’s historical data as a baseline and determined the optimal DC for each shipment based on its destination. The team then concluded that closing the Pittsburgh DC would result in the least financial impact. In fact, not only did the client gain a clear strategy for their DCs from the results, the network optimization between the two remaining DCs actually created a 3.6% savings in transportation costs.

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Cash Flow Greatly Improved Through Invoice Processing Innovation

Transportation Insight electronically integrates with clients to help expedite their accounts receivable cash flow and make the process of invoicing their customers easier.

A major distributor of store fixtures and point-of-sale electronics wanted to invoice their customers within one day of each order shipment. Their invoice needed to include freight as a separate line item, which created difficulties since paper freight invoices are typically not available until days later after the carriers deliver the shipments.

Transportation Insight integrated several information technology processes to help the client. First, Transportation Insight worked with each of the client’s carriers to convert the freight bills into electronic format for more prompt transmittal. Next, a nightly software routine created by Transportation Insight processed the carrier shipment data files automatically. The client now receives a nightly freight invoice file from Transportation Insight containing 1-page freight invoices for every shipment. The client then prints and forwards these freight invoices to their customers along with their product invoices for prompt collection—often days before the products even arrive at their customer destinations.

This process made it quick easy for the client to match the shipping invoice with the appropriate sales invoice and send it to the customer for prompt payment. The client now enjoys a much faster cash flow cycle due to the freight invoice automation and next-day billing.

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Routing Compliance Program Drives Continuous Improvement and Significant Savings

Transportation Insight optimizes a client’s carrier selection to maximize service quality and reduce overall transportation costs. Members of client management are provided information and technology to ensure program compliance.

After working with Transportation Insight for several months, a client did not realize how much unnecessary cost they were still incurring by using old carriers instead of the new carriers they had selected with the help of Transportation Insight. In fact, management did not even realize that there was a significant outbound routing compliance problem within their organization. Transportation Insight had provided and trained client associates in the use of Insight TMS® Rate Shop prior to implementation, but associates making the daily routing decisions were not using the technology.

Transportation Insight used the client’s historical shipping data to perform an analysis which showed the difference between the client’s actual paid amount per shipment (using a large proportion of old carriers) and what they would have paid if the shipments had been routed on the new carriers chosen programmatically by company leadership.

The analysis showed a potential savings of 26% if the new primary carrier for each lane had been used and 19% if the new secondary carrier had been used. This information helped client leadership to understand the situation and create increased profitability through improved program conformance. As a result, the client thoroughly implemented the use of their new carriers and immediately started realizing more than 21% in freight cost savings.

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Bill of Lading Integration Reduces Administrative Time, Improves Customer Service

Transportation Insight provides systems integration assistance for clients to help them tie their business systems into the Insight TMS® applications – increasing automation, expediting repetitive processes, and improving process control. In one case, Transportation Insight integrated the Bill of Lading application with a client’s ERP system to improve their ordering process.

A leading distributor of satellite and consumer electronic equipment wanted to simplify and speed up their ordering process. They were taking the order information manually and creating bills of lading for the shipment, which was time-consuming and left a lot of room for error.

Transportation Insight programmers worked with the client’s information technology team to allow their ERP system to seamlessly call the Bill of Lading application. This allows Bills of Lading to be written automatically, then printed, faxed, or emailed to the corresponding carrier for shipment pickup. Not only did this integration significantly reduce development time and costs, it also reduced the time required to produce bills of lading.

Transportation Insight has performed successful Bill of Lading application integrations with SAP, Oracle/Peoplesoft, Edward Jones, Great Plains Lawson, and other business systems.

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