Create Sustainability

Create Sustainability

Delivering efficiencies that can improve your business for the long term.

As a 2016 SmartWay® Excellence Award recipient, we’re dedicated to driving operational improvements that enable our client partners to serve their end customers over the long term. Our expertise in all transportation modes, a LEAN-based continuous improvement methodology and robust technology platform, we’re able to identify Supply Chain waste in ways that reduce vehicle miles, fuel usage, energy consumption, air pollution emissions, and ultimately, shippers’ impact on the environment.

Logistics Management

Our logistics operations team works with clients to improve the efficiency of their networks and to lessen their carbon footprint. Potential solutions include:

  • Consolidation of less-than-load shipments at pool distribution points into full truckloads
  • Movement of full truckload shipments to less environmentally impactful intermodal moves
  • Optimized distribution center selection to improve pick-up density and reduce carrier miles.

Supply Chain Analytics

Our Supply Chain Analytics team partners with clients to minimize their carbon footprint through strategic network design and tactical transportation optimization studies. We drive continuous improvement with our Integrated Analytics program that facilitates regular network updates to maximize productivity and minimize environmental impact.

LEAN-based Continuous Improvement

By implementing LEAN methodologies across clients’ entire supply chain networks with our proprietary Extended Lean® continuous improvement approach, companies can eliminate waste within their four walls, as well as within the operations of their trading partners and customers. This streamlining enhances sustainability by reducing:

  • Excess inventory
  • Overproduction
  • Unnecessary motion from over-processing
  • Waiting/delay due to lack of materials or services
  • Rework of inadequate products
  • Transportation of goods without purpose

Bundled Technology

Leveraging data collected through our cloud-based bundled technology solution – including Insight TMS®, our Transportation Management System, and Insight Fusion®, our interactive business intelligence portal – we enable clients to optimize loads and minimize miles traveled to serve their customers.


John Richardson, Transportation Insight Vice President of Supply Chain Analytics, details how his team utilizes technology, data and LEAN methodology to help clients drive supply chain efficiencies that reduce environmental impact while improving enterprise sustainability.

One of the world’s largest jacquard fabric manufacturers embraced our Extended LEAN Methodology to optimize transportation practices on inbound shipments from vendors and outbound shipments to customers, improve operational productivity and double its size, expanding its role as a major player in the industry.

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