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Retail Store Closings Beg the Question: Is Your Supply Chain Built to Last?

According to a recent projection released by brokerage firm Credit Suisse, more than 8,600 brick-and-mortar stores are going to close in 2017. “A quarter into 2017,” the report states, “year-to-date retail store closings have already surpassed those of 2008 [the … Read more

Global Supply Chain

Step One to Mitigating Risk in a Global Supply Chain? Total Visibility.

Whether it’s lead in paint on toys manufactured in China or an earthquake that temporarily shutters a factory in Japan that makes Smartphone electronic components, companies that are dependent on global supply chain channels need to maintain a keen awareness … Read more

Taking a Broad Approach to Operational Cost Reduction

In today’s transportation marketplace, rates have  become commoditized. This has led to potential clients evaluating third-party logistics (3PL) and service providers on elements other than carrier rate reduction. These factors can include technology, transportation management systems (TMS), lowest cost carrier, … Read more

Leveraging Transportation Management Systems for Supply Chain Visibility

The supply chain is inherently complex and requires multiple checkpoints to monitor goods at various stages throughout the process. For instance, a manufacturer has raw material, work in process (WIP) and finished goods that reside in their domain. During transportation, … Read more

Visibility: The Holy Grail of Supply Chain

Logistics professionals require end-to-end visibility across their supply chain in order to manage inventory and monitor shipments. Many companies lack the visibility to know where their inventory is located, whether carriers are providing the right service levels, and/or where the … Read more