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Balanced Approach Supply Chain

Balance: The Key to Successful International Shipping

International shipping can be a distressing experience in today’s environment. Carrier instability, carrier alliances, peak season capacity issues, port issues − all increase risk in global commerce. Added to cost and service issues, what happens if something goes awry and … Read more

Global Freight Forwarder

The Global Contingency: Align Yourself with a Freight Forwarder

Events like the recent receivership of Hanjin Shipping – the seventh-largest container shipping line in the world – causes much unrest in the global shipping market. These events are also reminders that if you are engaged in any level of … Read more

Global Supply Chain

Step One to Mitigating Risk in a Global Supply Chain? Total Visibility.

Whether it’s lead in paint on toys manufactured in China or an earthquake that temporarily shutters a factory in Japan that makes Smartphone electronic components, companies that are dependent on global supply chain channels need to maintain a keen awareness … Read more

Logistics 101

Logistics 101: The Many Models of Logistics Providers

Before containerization and the Internet made the world smaller, other technologies had the same effect at different times. Rewinding all the way, trade goods started flowing between “faraway” places simply because new tools and methods meant they didn’t have to … Read more

What in the World is Going On?!

Have you ever sat in a movie theater, and 15 minutes into the movie you say to your spouse, “Haven’t we seen this movie before?”

That is the same feeling I get when looking at the current state of international … Read more