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Lean Reduce Logistics Costs

Using Lean to Reduce Trucking Costs

The U.S. trucker shortage has been ongoing for years. As the situation has evolved, many expect trucking costs to increase as freight service providers work to adapt to the new challenges that come with managing, retaining, and recruiting staff. To … Read more

Game Changer for the Supply Chain: Analytics & LEAN

Data is everywhere up and down the supply chain, yet many companies don’t utilize it to its full potential. Information comes from systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP), transportation management systems (TMS) and Warehouse Management; from processes within manufacturing, logistics … Read more

The CFO and the Supply Chain: A Tale of Strategic Scrutiny – Part One

In this four-part series we look at why many CFOs understand supply chain excellence to be a critical strategic necessity.

When discussing potential solutions, CFOs ask multiple pointed questions and they want detailed answers. Their fingers are firmly on the … Read more

Is Your 3PL Keeping You Awake at Night? (Part 3)

Rest Assured with the Co-managed Approach

In the first of this three-part series we talked about flexibility and control. The series continues with how to tell if your 3PL provider understands you.

If you really want a good night’s sleep, … Read more