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4 Reasons to Modernize Logistics Management Practices

Shipping and logistics management have long been segregated into disparate categories, creating an illusion that these areas of operation are highly divided in nature. In practice, shipping and logistics processes are heavily dependent on one another, and digitization is making … Read more

Agile, Flexible 3PL Partners Drive Enterprise Improvement

In the Third Party Logistics (3PL) industry there are hundreds of logistics service providers that offer a variety of services ranging from transportation management to carrier sourcing to warehousing. By managing transportation and logistics functions, 3PLs allow companies to focus … Read more

The State of Truckload Capacity

The current conditions in the truckload market are causing major concern for shippers across the country. Over the past several years, multiple factors have negatively impacted capacity. Demand has gradually increased during this time, bringing the market to a state … Read more