Companies Must Expand Options for B2B Online Purchasing

Velocity is critical to succeeding in business, and when it comes to B2B online purchasing, buyers are demanding increasingly efficient and cost-effective purchasing options. In fact, the more your online portal looks and operates like a B2C site, the better positioned you will be to succeed in the B2B marketplace.B2B expand-options-business

Gone are the days when B2B customers are willing to deal with clunky interfaces and traditional procurement
channels. Now, these customers seek options that enable B2B purchasing decisions to be made quickly and with all the necessary information readily available. Further, business leaders are giving their buyers this authority with the simple directive of “faster, easier and less costly.”

As part of this transformation, B2B online purchasing interfaces must be able to accomplish the following:

  • Present the buyer with products and brands they know and trust
  • Provide ready access to pricing, technical information and availability
  • Demonstrate that products are being sold at prices lower than or equal to competitors
  • Enable fast customer service responses
  • Include full cost and fee disclosures including shipping expense
  • Provide visibility into shipment tracking and delivery expectations

B2B outlets that include these elements are in a fantastic position to not only maintain their existing client base, but attract new customer segments as well. All of these capabilities are perceived as catering to clients’ needs, and in the increasingly competitive world of business, more customers insist that they be pampered at every stage of the purchasing process.

Increasingly, companies selling in the B2B channel are developing ways to give customers the utmost care throughout the buying and shipping process. Business websites have made it easy for customers to research and order the products they desire. These organizations are finding ways to make the shipping process more customer-friendly as well, often offering quick delivery options and easy return policies.

In addition to helping you optimize your B2B online purchasing processes, Transportation Insight’s logistics technology toolkit drives improved efficiency and collaboration across the enterprise to reduce order-to-cash cycle times, increase supply chain visibility and enhance customer satisfaction.

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