Transportation Risk

Risk is everywhere. Will you be ready?

Mainstream and industry-specific information sources are filled with news about events threatening the global supply chain. Chances are good that you know about some of the latest news-makers impacting businesses’ ability to move materials and goods from source to consumer:

  • Rate increases and changes to dimensional parcel pricing parameters
  • Product recalls
  • International shipping delays and port strikes
  • Significant tightening of retailers’ delivery requirements
  • Impending strict electronic logging regulations for all truck transportation providers

Because these events are far-reaching across the supply chain, chances are even better that your enterprise has been affected by one of those news topics. And if your business hasn’t endured the impact of these specific disruptions yet, give it time. Interruptions in the supply chain are inevitable.

Will you be ready when the inevitable happens?

Facing a crisis scenario without a contingency plan is a frightening proposition, especially for company leaders forced to create and implement spur-of-the-moment strategies that can either mitigate exposure to logistics landscape changes or create new problems.Risk Rules of Service

How do you build a risk mitigation strategy for your supply chain? Where do you start? The first step might be reaching outside your four walls for a fresh perspective. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers, especially ones that are highly proficient in all modes of transport, understand the ever-changing world of logistics and work tirelessly on a daily basis to help companies identify and mitigate exposure to supply chain risks that may not be top of mind. For instance, 3PLs with deep analytical and auditing capabilities can help shippers identify and mitigate potential supply chain risks by:

  • Providing end-to-end technology solutions that give shippers product visibility anywhere in the supply chain from overseas port to customer loading dock or front porch
  • Enabling them to meet stringent customer delivery windows and sustainability requirements by positioning inventory in optimal distribution locations
  • Ensuring they are paying proper amounts for transportation services requested on all transactions for every international, truckload, LTL and small package shipment
  • Constructing predictive analytical models to help shippers take swift and accurate action when certain market or other conditions occur (e.g., port strikes, capacity shortages, catastrophic weather events, etc.)

In addition to this high level of logistics expertise and deep understanding of the competitive advantage created by actionable, meaningful business intelligence, Transportation Insight maintains a consultative, provider-agnostic approach to the marketplace that always puts clients’ best interests first. As we architect each supply chain solution with a “diagnose then prescribe” mindset, we leverage simulation software that allows us to test operational feasibility of “what-if” scenarios, so a client can know how their network is going to react under different circumstances. By working alongside our clients and applying our technology and expertise, we develop a deep understanding of their current business environment, so that we can deliver solutions that not only help reduce or eliminate current supply chain vulnerabilities, but also prepare their enterprises for the unseen disruptions looming beneath the horizon.

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