New Markets and Expansions Require Insights and Expertise (Part 2)

Companies face many challenges when making shifts within their supply chains. Has your supply chain been stretched beyond capacity? The need for business intelligence and the value of a third party logistics (3PL) partner who can anticipate the effects of change can make or break a supply chain’s resiliency.

Adapting to change and attempting to get your supply chain network to match the internal speed which moves your production capabilities around the globe can be arduous.

Expanding production to serve new markets may create issues at home. Will existing suppliers be able to ramp up deliveries? Will existing outbound transport providers be able to pick up product more frequently or bring in more capacity? If not, the supply chain may have to include additional warehousing at origin. Forecasting accuracy will be critical, with longer lead times and other factors to be considered. Again, the experience and business intelligence provided by a third party logistics (3PL) partner will avoid unanticipated difficulties.

Leading companies rely on logistics professionals who are more partner than provider. Highly sophisticated 3PLs use a co-managed model to give their clients ongoing support and frequent reviews of goals and practices. As a partner, you can rely on them for information and tools that allow you to make the best business decisions.

These 3PLs provide customers with a robust, customizable Transportation Management System, Warehouse Management System and actionable Business Insight. Business Insight is the driver of informed decisions using real-time analytics. The goal is to identify continuous improvement opportunities, including elimination of less optimal past practices, and accurate modeling of future states for planning purposes.

Your future state may include expansions, relocations, new products or any of a thousand possible changes. Shouldn’t you and your 3PL be ready for your next move?

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