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The State of Truckload Capacity

The current conditions in the truckload market are causing major concern for shippers across the country. Over the past several years, multiple factors have negatively impacted capacity. Demand has gradually increased during this time, bringing the market to a state … Read more

The Taste of Winning: How a 3PL Can Help You Rise Above the Competition

It’s an interesting time for companies in the snack food industry. Commodity prices are volatile, competition for shelf space is high and regulations, including lawsuits, are directly impacting profitability and growth potential. Winning contracts with large customers is coupled … Read more

Industry Associations Turn up the Heat on Damage Claims Solutions

Industry association members increasingly are collaborating on best-in-class solutions to reduce cost and improve efficiencies in the supply chain, especially when it comes to damage claims. HARDI, the Heating, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International association, for example, has a … Read more

TMS Market Expectations for Q4 2013

Despite the fact that the global economy seems to be slowly recovering, companies are still focused on cutting costs. Given the volatility of fuel and transportation costs, you would think that every company would use a transportation management system (TMS) … Read more